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How to clean sterling silverware and keep them tarnish-free?

How to clean sterling silverware and keep them tarnish-free?
Issue Time:2017-01-16

Hate to polish? How toclean sterling silverware and keep them tarnish-free? Of course we have many ways to prevent that from happening. 

Why silverware getting tarnished?

Thetarnish is a result of oxidisation that occurs when silver comes into contac twith substances in the air and water. Therefore, the silver flatware gettingblack on the surface some time later. Tarnish also caused by the foods or salt remainson your silverware for a period time, especially for acidic foods like vinegar and lemon juice, foods with sulfur like onions, eggs, etc.

How to clean silverware?

Use warm water to wash your silverware immediately after dinner to avoid spotting. And it's better to wash them by your hand with gentle dish soap and dry them completely with a soft cloth.

How to store silverware?

Store silverware in a dry airarea to avoid silver absorb humidity and make them away from heatfluctations. If you have to use silver flatware occasionally, store them in ahutch or in a treated flannel bags. Also you could wrapped them up in a archival tissue paper. It's not a good idea to make them wrapped in newspapers as the ink is acidic, and don't put them in a plastic bags as the moisture air canbe trapped in it. Neither use rubber hands to hold silverware together, as the rubber contains sulfur. 

Anyway, the best way to keep silverware from tarnish is to use them regularly!  

And you could give the stainless flatware for a try, they are more stable than silverware.