Business License
  • Supplier Assessment Certificate

    Bureau Veritas’s Disclaimer:

      This report reflects our findings for the particular company in concern on the date of our service only. This report does not discharge or release the factory/sellers/suppliers from their commercial, legal or contractual obligations with buyers in respect of products provided by the factory/sellers/suppliers. Any reader other that the party for which this report has been specifically issued is hereby informed that the General Conditions of Service of Bureau Veritas contain liability limitation provisions.

    Update Time:2016-01-11
  • Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) Report

    SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a non-profit membership organisationdedicated to driving ethical business practices in the supply chain. Its 23,000 membersglobally include retailers, manufacturers and audit bodies such as Bureau Veritas.SEDEX offers an online database allowing members to store and shareinformation on key areas: labour standards, health & safety, environment andbusiness practices.

    Update Time:2016-01-11
  • Business Licence

    Title: Hangzhou Sanle Import and Export trade Limited Company

    Type of Enterprise: Limited Liability Corporation

    Address: Hangzhou city,Yuhang District, Wuchang street, Number 181, 302

    Legal Representative: Xida Yu

    Registration Capital: 500,000 RMB

    Business scope: Self-operating and acting import and export affairs of various commodities and techniques, but excluding those limited        and banned by national laws (The above management scope does not contain the national law laws and regulations        stipulation prohibition, the limit and the permission management project.

    Update Time:2015-12-25