When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Tableware

Issue Time:2018-09-04

When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Tableware

Every time that a client steps into your restaurant, the first thing that captures the mind is the setting. Call it the mood of the facility. You can pamper this with all lighting and wall art, but the tableware can easily break the camel’s back. It has to be perfect. Therefore, is it time for replacement tableware? Here is how to tell if it is time to give your facility a facelift with new tableware

The current tableware is old and out of sync with emerging designs

Take a look at people’s dinner preferences and you will realize that things are changing so fast. If the restaurant has old flatware, you will easily get out of sync. They could easily repel your clients. Therefore, it is time to go for a replacement. Take a piece of paper and pen to note the flatware that needs replacement and then work with a specific budget. Remember that this is a great time to grow the business to the next level. Here are some great replacement options you should consider;  

ü Tableware such as The Lekoch 4 pieces –Portugal Classical black.

ü Enthralling mugs such as the Lekoch 1 Pcs Heat Resistant Double Wall Glass Cup Bear Coffee Cup Set.

ü Placement dishes such as Lekoch New style Dishes Beech Salad Bowl.

A new season is approaching and you want to get the best out it

When a new season is approaching, it is time to reorganize your facility and cash in as much as possible. But this is only possible if you have the right tools of the trade. In the restaurant business, the tools mean having the right tableware. If you have been using the same tableware all through, it is time to replace them with more attractive pieces.  


You are working on a new theme for the facility

What is the best way to spruce a restaurant to attract more clients? This is one question that always lingers in restaurant managers and owners’ minds. The answer is how you serve the foods. Once you have prepared the best cuisines, ensure to serve them in style using stylish tableware. Therefore, your new theme will need new tableware. Some of the top pieces you should never miss for your facility include;

Decorated mugs.

Special tableware.

Placement dishes.

Bar tools.

Visit Lekoch to select the best of each class to make your restaurant an instant sensation. Remember to also establish what your clients need and go for the flatware that matches their preferences.  

The performance of the facility is below par

If you take stock and establish the restaurant fortunes are sinking, it is time to institute changes. However, where do you start? The best point is replacement tableware. Most clients want to feel they are getting the best when they come to your facility. They want to feel they are in paradise. Whether your facility is a town restaurant or a county club, selecting the right replacement China tableware will change everything. Treat them to something different and they will keep flowing back and referring other clients. Here are some of the top pieces to start with.

Continued dinner sets. 

Lekoch-4 pieces Vogue Rose Golden.

Lekoch 4 pieces – Portugal Classical Silver and black

Remember to order ample quantities to ensure that your facility can maintain the same theme even during high season. Lekoch is also drop shipping clients’ orders to ensure they reach them faster.



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