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Benefits Of Using Bamboo As A Raw Material For Dinnerware

Bamboo is known as the most useful plant in the world.

As a renewable resource, bamboo is considered the most useful plant in the world. It is a very important element to balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the natural environment. And scientists and environmentalists have found that the growth cycle of bamboo is very short, and it can grow in 2 to 3 years. Bamboo can grow up to 3 feet overnight and it can grow and renew quickly, replacing resources such as wood.


Environmentally friendly raw materials------bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber uses bamboo as raw material and is processed by a special high-tech process to extract the fiber from the bamboo. Because the growth of bamboo does not require the application of various types of chemical fertilizers, it can also produce negative ions and anti-bacterial and antibacterial effects. Therefore, it is free from pesticides and pollution during its growth process. Bamboo fiber uses high-tech means in the whole manufacturing process and does not contain any chemical additives. Experts point out that it is a degradable fiber and can be completely decomposed in the soil without causing damage to the surrounding environment. It is a truly natural and environmentally friendly green raw material.


What is a bamboo dinnerware set?

Bamboo fiber tableware is made of naturally degradable bamboo fiber, corn starch, and food-grade resin. Bamboo dinnerware has no chemical composition and has functions of moisture absorption, deodorization, and antibacterial. Using high-quality bamboo as raw material, protecting our own health while protecting the planet

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