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Is Bamboo Fiber Plates Safe?

What is bamboo fiber tableware

In daily life, most of the reusable tableware we come into contact with are ceramic tableware and plastic tableware. So, have you ever observed a tableware made of bamboo fiber as raw material?

The bamboo fiber plates are mainly composed of three raw materials

Bamboo fiber, melamine, corn flour and other natural fibers. It is mainly extracted from bamboo cellulose, processed by modern special high-tech technology, and mixed with plant fiber, corn starch, and food-grade resin. Bamboo is a natural renewable resource and one of the accelerated growth plants in the world. The growth environment of bamboo does not require all kinds of chemical fertilizers and does not consume too much water. It can also produce negative ions, has anti-insect and anti-bacterial properties. The characteristic, thus avoiding all kinds of pollution.

Bamboo fiber tableware

Is Bamboo Fiber Plates Safe?

Nowadays, there are various kinds of bamboo fiber tableware in the consumer market, the more popular ones are bamboo fiber coffee cups, bamboo fiber bread boxes, bamboo fiber dinnerware sets, bamboo fiber tableware for children, whether these products are safe or not is a concern for consumers.

Poor bamboo plates products raw materials, may cause harm to the human body, the release of formaldehyde. Qualified melamine tableware can withstand temperature changes from -20℃ to 120℃, some use urea-formaldehyde resin that cannot be applied to tableware instead of melamine-formaldehyde resin that can be applied to tableware.

The law material of bamboo fiber plates

Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware

Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware mainly uses high-quality bamboo fiber powder, corn starch and A5 food grade melamine. The tableware produced from these raw materials is very safe for people. Lekoch is a high rated bamboo fiber tableware supplier by their clients.

Next,let’s talk about the difference between these high-quality raw materials and other raw materials:

Bamboo fiber powder: Our bamboo plates uses high-quality bamboo fiber raw materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and its growth environment does not require various fertilizers. We use patented technology to select high-quality inner fiber parts (bamboo stalks are composed of outer mechanical tissue, inner fiber, and inner bamboo film). After special high-tech processing, the bamboo After the bamboo cellulose is extracted and subjected to a series of operations such as rolling and crushing, a very clean bamboo fiber powder is formed.

Compared with other bamboo fibers, our bamboo fiber powder intercepts the most essential part of high-quality bamboo. It does not mix any bamboo skins and recycled bamboo to form impurity-free bamboo fiber powder.

Melamine (also known as "melamine"): It is made of melamine formaldehyde resin as raw material, cellulose as base material, and pigments and other additives.

There are many grades of melamine: A1 material, A3 material, A5 material. Our bamboo fiber tableware uses food-grade A5 material.

Material A1: This material of bamboo dish set cannot be used in tableware. 30% of its ingredients are melamine resin, 70% are additives, starches, etc. Although it contains melamine, it still has plastic characteristics, it is highly toxic, not resistant to high temperature, dirt, corrosion, rough appearance, easy to deform, discolor, and poor gloss.

Material A3: This material of dinnerware set cannot be used for tableware. 70% of its ingredients are melamine resin and 30% are additives, starches, etc. Its appearance is basically the same as the A5 grade, but once used, the product is not resistant to dirt, discoloration, fading, deformation at high temperatures, and no corrosion resistance.

A5 material: This material can be used in tableware. Its composition is 100% melamine resin. Compared with other grades of melamine, this material is non-toxic and tasteless, and has a temperature resistance of -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to bumps and corrosion. Not only the appearance is exquisite, it is light and warm, and it is safe to use. It is the best choice for environmentalists.

Does bamboo fiber tableware pass the certificate certification?

Our bamboo fiber products are mainly tableware sets, including bamboo fiber plates, bamboo dinner sets, bamboo fiber kettle sets, bamboo fiber salad bowls, bamboo fiber salad forks and spoons sets, etc. All of bamboo dinnerware set from a good bamboo fiber tableware supplier can pass the EU certification LFGB and EU tests , And we have obtained these certificates.

The LFGB and EU certificates of Lekoch bamboo dinnerware set
The LFGB and EU certificates of Lekoch bamboo dinnerware set
The LFGB and EU certificates of Lekoch bamboo dinnerware set
The LFGB and EU certificates of Lekoch bamboo dinnerware set

What problems might you encounter when using bamboo fiber tableware?

1. In an acidic environment, will there be a large amount of migration inside the bamboo dinnerware set?

In an acidic solution at 70℃, the products produced by our lekoch will have a small amount of migration, but this value is much lower than the German limit standard. At the same time, the value of formaldehyde migration is much lower than the German limit standard. You can Obtain these contents by viewing the certificate content below, so you can use our bamboo dinner plates with complete confidence.

2. Will the color fade when using bamboo fiber tableware?

Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware uses high-quality raw materials, so there will be no fading problem, and in an acid solution at 70°C for 2 hours, the product will not fade.

The working temperature of Lekoch bamboo dinner set
The working temperature of Lekoch bamboo dinner set
The working temperature of Lekoch bamboo dinner set

3. Compared with ceramic tableware, does bamboo dinner sets contain all kinds of excessive heavy metals?

Lekoch bamboo fiber dinnerware does not contain a lot of heavy metals, its content is in line with EU standards, so you can use it with confidence.

What are the advantages of bamboo fiber tableware products and why are they so “ hot sale “now?

Bamboo fiber is a new type of energy-saving raw material, which can reduce carbon production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carefully protect the human living environment. Compared with plastic tableware, bamboo fiber tableware is more beautiful in appearance, simple and novel in design. The natural biodegradable composition of bamboo dinner set is a perfect substitute for plastic tableware products.

Consumption is greatly influenced in life. Sustainability is quickly forgotten and slow growing resources such as wood or limited raw materials are often used for disposable items. This not only wastes limited resources, but also generates a lot of waste. Compared to disposable tableware, bamboo fiber dinnerware is more environmentally friendly and safer.

Bamboo fiber dinnerware set is perfect for parties, outdoor and indoor events, barbecue time, and even for personal use, as it not only focuses on nature conservation, but also looks elegant and artistic, so it won't spoil the fun of a picnic.

Lekoch Hot Sale bamboo fiber plates
Lekoch Hot Sale bamboo fiber plates
Lekoch Hot Sale bamboo fiber plates

How to choose safe and healthy bamboo fiber tableware

- To make sure, that the materials used are safe food-grade raw materials.

- The proportion of dense melamine is low, a high degree of falsehood, the current normal proportion of the bamboo fiber tableware industry in about 40%.

- Choose qualified and high quality brands and suppliers, whether they have food-grade test certificate, FDA or LEGB.

- Ensure to buy the bamboo dinnerware sets from a good bamboo fiber tableware supplier like LEKOCH.

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