Biodegradable Bamboo Dinnerware

Bamboo dinnerware uses bamboo as raw material and is processed by a special high-tech process to extract the fiber from the bamboo. Because the growth of bamboo does not require the application of various types of chemical fertilizers, it can also produce negative ions and anti-bacterial and antibacterial effects. Therefore, it is free from pesticides and pollution during its growth process.


Bamboo fiber uses high-tech means in the whole manufacturing process and does not contain any chemical additives. Experts point out that it is a degradable fiber and can be completely decomposed in the soil without causing damage to the surrounding environment. It is a truly natural and environmentally friendly green raw material.

LEKOCH Biodegradable Bamboo dinnerware is mainly made of bamboo fiber with a small amount of corn starch, corn fiber, and food-grade dense amine. Give your chow some charm with our Bamboo dinnerware set. Get a set for yourself and another as a gift for that someone with a taste for the unique.

Breathing Series
Bamboo Dinnerware Set

The “Breathing" series bamboo plates is designed with stickers. The wood grain stickers are on top of the dinner plates, which is the most beautiful painting of nature. With unique design, the lightweight bamboo dinnerware sets are a perfect choice for home, camping, picnics, birthdays, and outdoor parties. 

This series of bamboo dinnerware sets are versatile and can be integrated with any table setting, just as comfortable as we breathe in nature.


Harmony Series
Bamboo Dinnerware Set

The Moon--Grey and White 
The moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth, and this makes the two closely intertwined. The Moon and the Earth have witnessed each other's changes over billions of years, always rotating and accompanying each other, never leaving each other. If you like to pursue fashion, then, gray and white bamboo plates is your best choice.

The Prairie--Green and White
The green and the white clouds in the sky merge together to create a healing picture. Empty, healing, and decompressing. If you like the freshness of nature, then you can use green and white biodegradable bamboo dinnerware set, it is clean, fresh and can make your outdoor activites like camping, picnic or RV.S highlight a little different.

The Ocean--Blue and White

The incomparable depths and boundlessness of the ocean make up the mysterious International Klein Blue, and the collision with the white glaciers is a response to the changes in our environment. If you like blue sky and white clouds, then Klein Blue's bamboo plates set is a good choice. This reusable bamboo dinnerware set will surprise your family and friends at your table.