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LEKOCH Breathing Series

In the forest, trees form beautiful annual rings year after year, leaving traces of growth on their breaths. Bamboo fiber wood grain series is stretching in the jungle. Woodgrain is the most beautiful picture that nature gives us.

The mature bamboo, which leaves the soil and becomes a granular fiber, is breathing.

One day, when it is old, it goes back to nature and becomes one with the soil again, and it is still breathing.

For breathing freely in the future.

Breathing Series


Harmony Series

The LEKOCH Harmony Series seeks harmony between humans and nature on Earth.

The Moon
The moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth, and this makes the two closely intertwined. The Moon and the Earth have witnessed each other's changes over billions of years, always rotating and accompanying each other, never leaving each other.

The Prairie
The green and the white clouds in the sky merge together to create a healing picture. Empty, healing, and decompressing.

The Ocean

The incomparable depths and boundlessness of the ocean make up the mysterious International Klein Blue, and the collision with the white glaciers is a response to the changes in our environment.

Harmony Series