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Daytime Wedding

Table Decorations 

Transform an ambiance with napkins, napkin rings and accessories. Perfect for reflecting an occasion, event or season, instantly update an interior in a choice of colors, designs and patterns. Coordinate placemats and table runners for an everyday solution to protect surfaces from spills and scratches or dress a table for a special date with napkins, napkin rings, table runners, and place cards and menu holders. whatever your taste or decorative theme, we have everything you need to decor your table.

Airlaid Paper Napkins

Add the perfect finishing touch to a table with our selection of luxury air-laid paper napkins. From coordinated shades to printed designs, you can complement any table with our linen feel napkins. Pair with our range of napkins for an ultimate in fine dining.

LEKOCH Air-laid hand towels napkins have a linen feel. Also, disposable paper napkins are made of the wood pulp of completely natural wood.

When you're hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or wedding event, our disposable dinner napkins paper can not only keep your guests fresh after dinner but also save you a lot of cleaning time. And it can be folded into many nice shapes to make dinner more fun.


Paper Napkin Rings

The napkin ring is a cylindrical object designed to neatly fix the napkin or the napkin on the dining table. The original purpose of the napkin ring is for hygiene. Napkins are not washed every day, so society needs a way to specify specific napkins for individual users.


However, for convenience, more large-scale activities can choose to use environmentally friendly paper napkin rings, which are low-cost and convenient. The disposable paper napkin ring is very suitable for birthday parties, festive events and weddings.

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Paper Placemat


LEKOCH offers a well-curated collection of easy-care table mats and napkins that combine both elegance and practicality, making entertaining a luxurious yet easy experience in your home. Grab these for your dinner parties, barbecues, luncheons, wedding, large events, or restaurants.



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