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Artist in the Tableware

These sentences are what started the fire inside the heart of me. It was not just a mere sentence, to me, it is something that keeps me going. Not only about the passion of turning the ideas into reality just like what we always claim but it is about keeping the desire inside to share the happiness with others , especially on the dining table.

We want to prove to people that what we create is not just a product. But initially it was an idea, a creativity, and a desire that is long for a touch of people who cannot wait to share their happiness too.


For Sustainability

Our main purpose of doing this is a sign that we care about the design that comes with quality. We want to make sure that what is in-trend now will still be in-trend then and we want it to last. Not only we aim for a sustainable product, we also aim for a sustainable idea and resources.


Sustainable ideas will never find its silver lining without a professional design team. They help us making our mission on becoming the Artist in the Tableware comes true. With the touch of their creativity and perseverance, it can all come true.


For only once life

We were born with the life that chose us so why not choose something for us that is beautiful, elegant, and soft to the touch, while we are having fun on the dining table and share them together with our loved ones?

At least, for once, we get to choose the life that we want on the dining table.

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