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New Era Series
Cutlery Set

Dishwasher Buttons


Further cleaning and care tips:
If possible, clean used cutlery thoroughly immediately and dry at once. we recommend cleaning by hand! Cleaning cutlery in a dishwasher may impair outward appearance. This does not occur when cared for by hand.

Please note therefore the following cleaning instructions:

- Aggressive detergents, leaving soiled cutlery for days in the dishwasher, high temperatures etc. are some of the many causes which may produce marks or even corrosion, especially on knife blades.

- Please do not put any chemical process on the products, especially strong acid / strong base. The cutlery can change color as a result of food residues containing common salt or acid (e.g. mayonnaise, fish stock, vinegar) It is, therefore, important to clean the cutlery, particularly knives, as soon as possible after use

- Cutlery should not be soaked in rinse water or remain damp.

- To ensure durability, do not use steel wire or hard material to clean this product.


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