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Green Table Runner

Paper Table Runners

Back in the day, tablecloths and runners were used by nobles to protect tables from crumbs and spills. Though the purpose of tablecloths and runners (and times) has changed, you can still dine like a royal with our collection of affordable cloth-liked air-laid paper table runners. 

If you’re looking for something refined for your table setting, look no further than our linen-feel disposable table runners. Whether you’re a young lady or an established event planner, these surprisingly inexpensive disposable table runners are a perfect investment.

How to decorate a table with paper table runners?

Using green table runners on a Long Table 

Once you know your ideal length, choose disposable table runners with some colors and patterns that suit you. You can use a paper table runner that is centered vertically across the table and covers approximately one-third of the tabletop.

Using double green table runners on a Long Table 

Usually, we only visit one green table runner vertically in the middle of the rectangular dining table, but if the table is wide enough, we can try to place two green table runners vertically. Adjust the gap between the two green table runners appropriately according to the width of the green table runners, leaving a certain width in the middle to place flowers, candle lights, and decorations. Two green table runners are close to the side of the table so that the green table runners can be used as placemats and can replace tablecloths.

Disposable Table Runners as Placemats and Table Cloth

Disposable table runners are the most useful on dining tables. They can be used as a substitute for tablecloths and placemats.

Blue table runner
Blue table runner
Green table runner
Green table runner
Brown table runner
Brown table runner
Gold table runner

On special days, leisurely weekends, or the annual holiday season, it is inevitable to spend a little time decorating your table. For example, at important weddings, Valentine's Day dinners, weekend family dinners, or Christmas Thanksgiving, green table runners will make you ecstatic. 


LEKOCH offers a design collection with a wide selection of solid colors and seasonal designs to add variety to the tables. Whether it's a wedding, a banquet, a seminar, or a theme party - there's a tabletop design in the Manke collection for almost every occasion. Know more about our Christmas table runner, easter table runner, Halloween table runner, coffee table runner, and thanksgiving table runner. Our linen-feel paper table runners gives restaurants, weddings, parties, hotels, and households a reasonable way to provide a more sophisticated dining experience for your guests. 

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