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​Christmas Paper napkins

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As soon as summer is over, you can blink and it feels like the holidays have arrived. Before you know it, it'll be time to start preparing your Christmas decorations. Your Christmas tablescape should reflect the joy and magic of the holiday season. So, pull out the tableware, napkins, placemats, napkins rings, spruce up the holiday flowers and blast your favorite Christmas tunes: It’s time to decorate! 

Set the table for a show-stopping meal with our selection of luxury airlaid paper Christmas napkins. From traditional red and green tones to an opulent metallic setting, it’ll be your best Christmas holiday season yet. You'll find the perfect Christmas paper napkins you need to create a memorable day.​​

9 Stylish Christmas Table with Airlaid Paper Christmas Napkins

Traditional Red Tone Christmas Napkins Paper

Transform your Christmas dining setting with our linen-feel red napkins paper.  This red Christmas paper napkins paper is perfect for reflecting your Christmas season, coordinating accessories with existing tableware to create a coordinated setting.

red napkins paper for Christmas.jpg
green napkins paper for Christmas.jpg

Traditional Green Tone Christmas Napkins Paper

This Green Christmas napkins paper effortlessly gives a decorative touch to Christmas luncheon or party dinner. Our classic green design colored paper Christmas napkins are made from high-quality Air-liad paper that not only enhances the elegance of your beverage table but also proves extremely handy in case of spills and leaks.

Christmas Gold and White Paper Napkins

Do you want to give a personal touch to the simple little details at the Christmas dinner? Try our stylish polka-dot design disposable Christmas paper napkins. These elegant and personalized white with gold polka-dot Christmas paper napkins can not only enhance the charm of your table but also add a personal touch to your Christmas table. 

White with Gold polka-dot napkins paper.jpg

Add a Personal Touch at Your Table

If you buy Christmas paper napkins from lekoch, you will reimagine the napkin. You will soon notice their tablecloth-like texture, which helps to enhance the festive atmosphere. As a leader in luxury Christmas paper napkins, Lekoch Christmas paper napkins are the preferred entertainment choice for Christmas cocktail parties, hors d'oeuvres, small plates, and snacks.

The Lekoch Christmas paper napkin series provides an affordable, stylish and elegant alternative to cotton napkins. There are bright colors or more subtle neutral colors to choose from, which are very suitable for upcoming Christmas, weddings, birthdays, or other formal events.

How to Fold Christmas Paper Napkins

You may set up your Christmas table, in the same way, every year. This year, please try to use these festive Christmas paper napkins to add a little festive atmosphere to your Christmas table. Whether you are an ordinary housewife or a professional table collocation master, these tutorials can make the most beautiful folding extremely simple and perfect to match Christmas dinner decorations.

  • Airlaid napkins are more absorbent than ordinary napkins or paper towels and have good water absorption properties.

  • They are made of airlaid paper, which is a non-woven fabric with no lint and no static electricity.

  • It has a look and feels similar to a soft linen napkin.

  • The price is more cost-effective than cotton napkins.

  • Airlaid napkins are very easy to fold into various shapes and are the best choice for a Christmas party.

  • Biodegradable and affordable Christmas paper napkins

  • Ideal for parties and events.

  • create a sense of luxury for your guests.

Advantages of Airlaid Paper Napkins

Christmas Paper Napkin Details

Airliad paper material

  • 20cm x 20cm when folded

  • 40cm x40cm when unfolded.

  • 50 Party Pack Quantity

Image by Chad Madden

Paper Christmas Napkin Rings

Deer design Paper Christmas Napkins Rings.jpg
Gold Star Paper Christmas Napkins Rings.jpg

Deer & Star Design Paper Christmas Napkins Rings

Create a personal and fun display on your Christmas table this year with these cute stag napkin rings. These beautiful Christmas paper napkin rings keep napkins neatly rolled on your dining room table or in the kitchen for a Christmas style display. Each ring features the silhouette of an antlered deer on top that embraces a natural, fun and classic look for holiday decoration, or children's birthdays.


Advantages of Paper Christmas Napkins Rings

  1. Cute animal design: cute animal pattern napkin rings with different animal shapes, suitable for children's birthdays, etc., Christmas, Easter, wedding parties and other themed holidays napkin rings are also suitable.

  2. Environmentally friendly cardboard material: recyclable material cardboard, with sufficient thickness that can be used once, but also reusable napkin rings.

  3. Table decoration: on one side, it can make the table tidy and updated, on the other side can provide a good decorative effect, an indispensable element for decorating napkins at dinner parties.

  4. Other animal designs: Customers are welcome to submit animal pattern designs, we welcome more design possibilities.

Let LEKOCH help you set your party tables in fashion with our premium paper dinner napkins. We provide various disposable dinner napkins, placemats and napkin rings that immediately improve any table setting. Available in different colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to discover the right napkin to go along with your other event’s decoration. For additional style and elegance, consider purchasing our napkin rings! Check out our wide selection of beverage fancy paper dinner napkins and paper placemat doilies today!

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