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bamboo fiber plates

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The customer's affirmation of us

lekoch bamboo fiber set

These are lovely, lightweight for my RV, and durable. They washed well and are nice to use. I love it they are made from bamboo. They don’t feel like wood, but the wood look matches my red oak interior perfectly.

bamboo fiber bowls set

I bought these for my RV. They are great. Washed them a few times and the are very well made. I am ordering more in the near future.

bamboo fiber set grey and white

these are gorgeous and i bought a new set! the texture is really nice. my first set arrived flawless and the second set had some cracks on it. customer service was great and sent out a new set.

bamboo fiber set blue and white

Use in my rv. Good for light weight travel.

This eating wear is my pride and joy. Went out and bought plates to go with it. Buying it gold and black.

18/10 stainless steel flatware

Beautiful Flatware! Sleek lines that would work with both casual and formal settings. Have not used yet as I am waiting to move into new home. The only thing, that I'm not sure I would consider a negative, is the spoon is very small, quite a difference in size from the larger spoon. If one was created in between the two, I would most likely purchase it.

18/10 stainless steel flatware

I was doubting to find a good silverware product until I ordered one with doubt. However, These silverwares are good in quality and I am very satisfied with the product. I also use silverware from IKEA but these are also great. I would recommend to people who are looking for silverwares.

black forks set

I have had these two flatware sets for a few weeks now and these are holding up very well. I have gotten the color pink for afternoon tea time with girl friends and I like the match of rose gold with pink. The material is sturdy and very easy to clean. I've so far hand-washed them and didn't see scratches or any other flaws.

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