Washable Kraft Paper Bags

The meaning of reusable and washable kraft paper bags is to organize their surroundings slightly more comfortable. Improve the value of space, make storage is not limited.

LEKOCH washable kraft paper bag is low-key, never letting us feel that it is the main character. The washable kraft paper bag can be a flowerpot, can also be a storage bag, storage food, etc. The kraft paper bags we have chosen is a new type of appearance like paper but can be washed, low-carbon environmentally friendly materials. It's from natural pulp, through special processing, with the strength of cloth, but also environmental friendly like paper. 


What is Washable Kraft Papers?

What is Washable Kraft Papers?
The raw material of washable kraft paper is natural fibre pulp. It not only has the material properties of kraft paper such as toughness and stiffness but also has the material properties of textiles that are washable and reusable.
Unlike plastic bags, it is not environmentally friendly; unlike canvas bags, it is difficult to wash and dirty; unlike ordinary kraft paper, it is not washable and can be torn accidentally.
Washed kraft paper bags can be used to store plants, fruits, vegetables, toys, etc., not only for the kitchen and living room but also for travel, business trips, picnics, RVs, etc.