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Luxury 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware Set

  • Lekoch Flatware is made of 18/10 high quality mirror polished stainless steel. 

  • Our flateware set adopts the advanced processing technology of polished surface mirrors, anti-corrosive and anti-rust, with a long service life.

  • Feeling perfectly in the hand, Can be combined with different collections. 

  • A mix of clean lines with the precious curves of a 19th century, 18/10 stainless steel flatware is undoubtedly a focus of the table and attracts everyone's attention.



Our design team, combining art and production technology, creates art in line with the trend of art. So we also welcome the ODM.



To ensure product quality, each piece of flatware has to go through dozen processes carefully forging. The simple summary is 25 processes, the actual operation of cleaning throughout the entire process, grinding 4 times and polished 3 times, etc., simple to go Through at least 31 processes.



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Linear, yet with a touch of sensitivity and elegance. LEON 18/10 stainless steel flatware collection is a perfect example of a simple, sophisticated design with universal appeal. This classic flatware has a slender handled design that curves elegantly into the palm of the hand. Every single piece is made from specially hardened 18/10 stainless steel. At the same time, this series of stainless steel flatware have a matte and mirror polished design, and there are also different colors for you to choose from, including classic black flatware, gold cutlery set, rose gold spoons and forks and so on. There is always a set of flatware that fits your table.

The New Era collection cutlery set is characterized by its European-style Antiquated crafting and retro design. Stainless steel enhances the streamlined design. Concise outline and tapered handle, carefully polished edges create a solid and balanced touch in the hand. Its elegance and delicacy add classical details to any table setting...More

What is 18/10 (18/8 and 18/0) stainless steel?

If you have ever spent time buying stainless steel cutlery, you may come across 18/10 stainless steel labels. We are proud of our 18/10 stainless steel flatware. But what does this mean?

18/10 stainless steel and 18/8 and 18/0 are fractions that explain the percentage of chromium and nickel alloys, which are added to stainless steel to reduce rust and enhance gloss and durability.

The content of nickel is different.
18-8 stainless steel: iron + 18% chromium + 8% nickel; 18-10 stainless steel: iron + 18% chromium + 10% nickel. 18-8 stainless steel is 304 in the jis code, so it is also called 304 stainless steel;

The oxidation resistance is different.
18-10 stainless steel has 10% nickel to make it more durable and corrosion-resistant. This stainless steel is called 18-10 stainless steel. 18/0 contains limited to nickel, so oxidation resistance is slightly worse, while 18/10 provides the most nickel, resulting in the greatest rust resistance and the longest polishing time.
Stainless steel itself does not provide the best heating effect, so alloys are necessary to produce the best cooking utensils.

We proudly provide 18/10 stainless steel cutlery sets and personalized products so you can cook with confidence. Once you have tasted the benefits of our tableware, you will understand why our 18/10 stainless steel flatware is unique!


How to Clean Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

If you want to maintain the good appearance of stainless steel flatware, please choose hand wash, try not to wash in the dishwasher. The chromium oxide inert surface film formed by the alloy on the surface of the stainless steel flatware can resist corrosion in a humid environment.

As a special barrier, the role of chromium oxide is to protect the metal below it from oxygen. Stainless steel does corrode when exposed to strong acid or alkaline solutions. Although most stainless steel forks and spoons have perfect corrosion resistance, the dinner knifes are usually made of a different, harder steel, giving them a lasting advantage. The downside is that durable knifes are prone to rust, especially after repeated washing in the dishwasher. In addition, sharp dinner knifes may blunt the equipment when they hit other dishes or shelves during the washing process.


 If you choose machine washable stainless steel flatware set, you can follow a few precautions to extend the service life of stainless steel cutlery:

  •  Avoid using harsh cleaners, strong bleaching agents and abrasive cleaning aids and tools-they will peel off the chrome-plated composite layer of flatware, making the surface look cloudy and scratched;

  •  Keep the cutlery dry-if left in the dishwasher for a long time, the moisture (or acid in the food residue) will erode the surface of the cutlery and make them rust;

  • Rinse the cutlery before putting it in the dishwasher-acidic and salty food residues can stain your cutlery set and leave unsightly black stains on the cutlery.