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Linen Feel Disposable Napkins

Linen Airlaid Paper Napkins

LEKOCH air-laid paper napkins provide the softness and absorbability of a cloth napkin, and the convenience of a paper napkin. Our linen feel paper napkin gives restaurants an reasonable way to provide a more sophisticated dining experience for their guests. Their biodegradability allows them to be thrown out with food waste making cleanup quick and easy. These paper napkins are absorbent enough to be used as a disposable hand-towel to be used after washing hands. They are softer than traditional paper towels, and are not as rough on skin.


What is Air-laid Paper Napkins?

Airlaid paper is a textile-like material, classified as a non-woven fabric made of fluff pulp.


Compared with ordinary wet-laid paper and paper towels, air-laid paper napkins are very fluffy, porous and soft. It has good water absorption and is much stronger than normal tissues.


The main features of Air-laid Paper Napkins are:


  • Air-laid Paper Napkins is soft and does not scratch.

  • Air-laid Paper Napkins is no hair, no dust, no static electricity.

  • Sturdy, even when wet, air-laid Paper Napkins can be rinsed and reused.

  • Air-laid Paper Napkins is similar to the surface and drape of textiles.

  • Air-laid Paper Napkins can be dyed, printed, embossed, coated and solvent resistant.


Unlike ordinary paper making processes, airlaid paper napkins do not use water as a carrier medium for fibers. The fibers are carried by the air and form the structure of the paper.


The raw material is coiled long-fiber softwood fluff pulp. The pulp is defibrated in a hammer mill. Defibration is the process of separating fibers from each other before entering the paper machine. The important parameters of dry defibrillation are crushing energy and nodule content. Generally, airlaid paper is composed of approximately 85% fibers. The adhesive must be used in the form of spray or foam. Alternatively, additional fibers or powder can be added to the pulp, which is then activated and cured by heating.

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