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Nowadays, more and more countries have started to ban the use of single-use plastic products, including plastic straws for daily use. Therefore, LEKOCH has found a biodegradable straw made from plants that can replace plastic straws -Plant-based PLA straws.

Biodegradable straws PLA look like plastic straws, however, It's bio- Plastic, PLA drinking straws are made from plant fibers such as corn starch, etc.
The 100% biodegradable disposable straws made from plants are free to stretch and fit cups of different heights, making them the perfect choice for restaurants, bars, and parties.


Renewable Resource

Reusable and recyclable

Green Options

These black straws are the perfect size for regular beverages soft or hard drinks.

The black straws are perfect for home use, office use, bars, parties, BBQ, and more!

What some of our customers are saying about our Black Straws: 

“Great straws perfect for a home bar. It's the perfect length and size for my iced tea cup. I use them every day....” Stephanie

Product Features. 

Our PLA black straws are standard size,  classic elegant black, perfect match with any drinks or any color bottles, (NOTE: ONLY FOR COLD DRINKS) absolutely fit for below 30 oz all kinds of bottles. The black 
straws is great for your all themed parties, family activities, picnic, and wedding receptions. It's the best for the world, good for your health. Enjoy daily excellent cool drinks, sip easily, drink more, keep cool, keep relax.


Biodegradable straws pla are the perfect alternative to ordinary plastic

Eco-friendly drinking straws, bendable, flexible, multi-coloured options. Not easily deformed. Ideal for everyday drinks such as juices, milkshakes, smoothies, ice coffee, cocktails. Also suitable for parties, weddings, picnics, restaurants, bars, etc. 


Straws made from plants are biodegradable and composable 

The PLA straws raw materials comes from nature and back to nature, no pollution. The Plant-Based compostable straws made of corn starch material, Promoting Sustainable development of the earth’s ecology.


How to distinguish PLA straws from ordinary plastic straws.


  • Smell: In their natural state, PLA straws are made from plant material and have a plant smell. Plastic straws can have a pungent smell. When burned, biodegradable straws PLA do not produce the same pungent chemical burning smell as plastic straws

  • Due to the high density of the raw material used in PLA straws, they will sink to the bottom of the glass when cut and stirred, while ordinary plastic straws will float to the surface.

So while straws are a small starting point, a campaign like the plastic straw ban will lead to a discussion about waste management and pollution. This campaign could help people become more aware of the impact of everyday plastic products on the sustainability of the planet. In turn, this will hopefully help us make progress in reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world.


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