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plant based dinnerware set
Composable Tableware Set
PLA dinnerware

Plant- based
Biodegradable PLA Plates

According to statistics, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste, enters the oceans globally every year, causing serious impacts on marine life, fisheries and tourism and causing economic losses of US$8 billion. When plastic waste enters the ocean, it kills millions of seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals and untold numbers of fish every year. If we ignore the situation, by 2050 the weight of plastic litter in the oceans will exceed the total weight of fish.

The danger of plastic litter is not only to marine life, but also to human health. Through the accumulation of small plastic molecules in the food chain, they will eventually enter the human body and endanger our health.

Plastic has a major impact on our lives and there is an urgent need to reduce the use of plastic products, however, we have become so dependent on plastic dinnerware in our daily lives that it is impossible to stop using them altogether, so we needed to find a product that could replace them completely.

The design department at Lekoch has been researching natural materials and experimenting with new ones to come up with biodegradable plates-- PLA plates、 PLA salad forks and Spoon. Our Plant-Based PLA biodegradable plate set includes dinner plates, salad plates, cups and salad forks, and spoons. PLA biodegradable plates, as the most advanced environmentally friendly composable tableware, is the best substitute for melamine plates.


The Cycle of PLA Plates in Nature


The production of PLA plates has four main stages: 


  1. Plant material production and transport to sugar mill; 

  2. Natural plant conversion into raw sugar; 

  3. Fermentation of raw sugar from sugarcane to produce lactic acid by Corbion and 

  4. Conversion of lactic acid into lactide and PLA by Total Corbion PLA.


Biodegradble PLA Coffee Cups


⭐Dust-proof and leak-proof 

Our Leakproof PLA Coffee Mugs are equipped with a sealing lid. Dust-proof and leak-proof. It can be carried with you to reduce the use of disposable cups, which are healthy and environmentally friendly.


These Lightweight Reusable PLA Coffee Cups are lightweight and compact. You can put it in your backpacks, suitcases, and take up no space. It is very suitable for home, office, business trips, and events. Lightweight and no burden.


⭐Alternatives to disposable coffee cups

The material of Lekoch coffee cup are made by polymerizing lactic acid extracted from plants. Compared to ceramic coffee cups, PLA coffee cups are not fragile; compared to plastic coffee cups, PLA coffee cups are more environmentally friendly and are a perfect substitute for plastic cups and disposable cups.

Compostable PLA Plates set


⭐No environmental impact

PLA compostable plates set is made of raw materials from nature, return to nature, pollution-free, corn starch as raw material made of a dinnerware set. We will promote sustainable development of the earth's ecology.

⭐Lightweight and unbreakable biodegradable plates

Compared with ceramic tableware, PLA biodegradable plate sets will not break when the plate is dropped on the ground. A lightweight and durable, compostable plate set can hold your favorite appetizers, desserts, noodles, or main dishes. These biodegradable plates are also ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.

⭐Dishwasher and microwave safe

While you are looking for microwave-safe dishware, Lekoch plant-based biodegradable plates are microwave-safe as well as dishwasher-safe. PLA biodegradable plates should be noted that the temperature of the microwave oven should not exceed 100 ℃.


Biodegradable PLA Salad Fork and Spoon


⭐Alternatives to plastic dinnerware 

Lekoch biodegradable PLA Plates set material is made by polymerizing lactic acid extracted from plants. The product is made of safe and environmentally friendly raw materials. In certain conditions, PLA dinnerware can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water.PLA biodegradable plates are the best alternative to plastic dinnerware.


The lightweight plant-based biodegradable plate set is a perfect choice for picnics, BBQs, parties, and outdoor & indoor parties. Being available for all kinds of temperature foods, hot and cold foods."

Recycling and degradation of PLA Plates 


Polylactic acid (PLA) is the most widely used commercial bio-based plastic with properties similar to polystyrene, polypropylene or polyethylene. PLA offers a wide range of end-of-life options: In addition to mechanical or chemical recycling and (renewable) energy recovery, it also provides a variety of end-of-life options related to its inherent biodegradability; PLA can be used for industrial composting or anaerobic digestion. In many applications where recycling is challenging, options such as composting or anaerobic digestion can help divert organic waste from landfills or incineration. These end-of-life options promote recycling through the use of compost in agricultural soils through the recycling of carbon and mineral nutrients.


Therefore, under certain conditions, we bury PLA  biodegradable plates in the soil. After a period of time, the biodegradable PLA tableware will eventually decompose into carbon dioxide and water and disappear into the soil.


pla Salad cutlery set
PLA Biodegradable plates
pla Salad cutlery set
biodegradable plates


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