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What Are The Most Durable Lightweight Nontoxic Environmentally Friendly Dishes for Camping

When you go to the campsite to camp, no matter who you are, you will inevitably have to deal with three meals. Unless you go to the luxury camping area (providing meals), or there is a store nearby that you can buy and eat, you have to prepare it yourself.

Why do you need kitchen utensils and cutlery for camping?

There is much tableware for camping in the wild. The more common one is a set of pots, a large frying pan on the outermost side, followed by a large pot, a medium pot, a small pot, a teapot, etc. This design is mainly for easy portability, general outdoor hiking, mountaineering, etc. This tableware will be preferred. However, our camping is different from hiking and mountaineering. Camping is generally self-driving, so you don’t need to pay too much attention to the weight of the cooker. In addition to carrying a set of pots, you can also carry more cookware. Dedicated tableware is convenient for storage, which can save space for camping. After all, camping needs to carry a lot of equipment.

The main direction of camping tableware selection

Good storage - good storage design can save a lot of space

Not easy to break -- because camping is not like home, tableware is easy to put, outdoor space is the priority, and it is easy to fall, so tableware needs to be not broken

Light enough - light and easy to carry, too heavy tableware will increase the burden

Good cleaning--there are fewer water resources outdoors, and tableware is best for easy cleaning

In daily life, there are many environmentally friendly tableware, such as ceramic tableware, bamboo tableware and so on. But when we want to use tableware while camping, bamboo plates are the best choice.

Bamboo is a highly renewable material that does not require replanting. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, it only takes 2-3 years to harvest, and it does not require any fertilizers, just a little water to grow freely. Therefore, the bamboo plate set made of bamboo is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Its raw materials are taken from nature, completely free of any toxins and biodegradable. Because of its high-quality raw materials, the camping bamboo plate is very lightweight and is must-have tableware for camping.

Bamboo camping dishes are very durable. Compared with ceramic tableware, bamboo plates are thick and not easy to damage; compared with plastic tableware, bamboo plates are safer, environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence; compared with disposable tableware, bamboo camping dishes are reusable and more convenient. Durable and dishwasher safe, it is more convenient to use.

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