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bamboo tableware

LEKOCH Bamboo Water Jug in Set with Lid Bamboo Cups Set

SKU: SC-05-A1807

Material: Bamboo fiber,corn starch and  food grade melamine

Package include: 4 pieces cups and one Water Jug

Capacity: 1.5 L water Jug 

Suitable for dishwashers up to 70°C.

Microwave or oven ----NO

LFGB and EU approval

  • Features

    Food safe and environmentally friendly: Made from a high percentage of renewable resources such as organic bamboo fibers, corn starch, wood fibers, melamine resin and BPA-free, food approved by LFGB.


    Dining in Style: Give your food some charm with our Bamboo Dinnerware set. Fresh Bamboo pattern appearance, frosted finish, get one set for yourself and another as a gift for someone with a taste for the unique.


    Great for everyday use: This bamboo water jug set includes a water jug with lid and 4 pieces of cups which can be used both indoors and outdoors and it is also ideal for camping or use in RVs and trailers.


    Dishwasher safe: dishwasher safe up to 70 ° C (not for the microwave or the oven), reusable food safe. We've added ease-of-maintenance with a BPA-free design to make sure you and your family are safer while eating.


    Warranty: In the rare case, if you have a complaint or problem. If you have questions or problems with your product, just contact us and we will do everything in our power to get it right.

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