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compostable straws

LEKOCH White Plant Based Flexible Drinking Straws Long Individual Pack

SKU: LB034-N2103

MATERIAL: Polylactic acid (PLA)

COLORL: White 


Each piece is 10.2 inches in size.

After being stretched, it is 12.6 inches.

Each straw is individually packaged



  • Features

    No ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The PLA Drinking straw raw materials come from nature and back to nature, no pollution, Plant-Based Straws made of corn starch material.Promoting Sustainable development of the earth’s ecology.


    Alternative To Disposable Plastic Straws:Lekoch's disposable long straws material is obtained by polymerizing lactic acid extracted from plants. The product is made of safe and environmentally friendly raw materials.In the certain conditions, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. It is a substitute for plastic straws.


    Flexible and Suiltable for Every Occasion: Lekcoh straws are individually packaged, which will be more convenient and clean in daily use. Disposable straws are suitable for cocktails, water, juices, etc., while extended straws are the best choice for restaurants, bars, outdoors, and parties.


    Packing:There are 100 pieces of Lekoch long straws per pack. Each piece is 10.2 inches in size. After being stretched, it is 12.6 inches. Therefore, it is very suitable for tall glasses. It will definitely make your day or party more colorful and bright.


    Note:The material of the straw is made of plant material.When using straws in hot drinks,the straws will become soft,which is a normal phenomenon.