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Lekoch Disposable Table Runner Airlaid Paper Retro Brown Table Runners

Lekoch Disposable Table Runner Airlaid Paper Retro Brown Table Runners


One roll of table runner is 24 meters

One roll of table runner includes 20 sheets

The size of each sheet is 120x40 cm

Meterial: Air-laid Paper

Color: Brown

Style: Retro

  • Features

    Back in the day, table runners were used by nobles to protect tables from crumbs and spills. Though the purpose of table runners (and times) has changed, you can still dine like a royal with our collection of affordable cloth-liked airlaid paper table runners. 


    Lekoch table runners are made of high-quality air-laid paper materials, which are soft, lint-free, dust-free,and has strong organization and good water absorption. The disposable air-laid paper table runner is clean and hygienic, with a textile-like surface and drape.


    A roll of table runner have a total length of 24 meters and has 20 sheets. The size of a single sheet is 120x40 cm. You can choose the number of sheets used each time according to the size of the table. , Our design is very flexible, suitable for family dinners, Valentine's Day and other small dinners, and also suitable for large-scale event parties such as weddings, birthdays and other events


    If you’re looking for something refined for your table setting, look no further than our linen feel diposable table runners. Whether you’re a young lady or an established event planner, these surprisingly inexpensive table runners are a perfect investment.


    Let this table runner takes the elegance of your tables up by several notches.  Pair this beauty table runner with your table linens and tableware to create an ultra-modern look. Let your party tables and banquet tables reflect your chic decoration taste when adorned with these table runners.