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pla straws

Lekoch 100 pieces PLA Drinking Straws Disposable, Plant-based Flexible Straws

SKU: LB033-N2103

MATERIAL: Polylactic acid (PLA)

COLORL: White 


Straw Size: 6 mm in diameter, 21cm long

Stretched lengths up to:1.5cm.

Each straw is individually packaged

  • Features

    1. Plant-based straws: durable and stylish. Our straws are made of polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from renewable plants such as corn, corngrass and sugar beets. This straw does not contain 0% melamine and 0% BPA. PLA is plant-based, not petroleum-based.
    2. Flexible and Suiltable for Every Occasion:With our straws made of natural plant fibres you are well prepared for every visit of friends and family as well as parties and company celebrations. Also suitable for weddings, picnics, restaurants, bars, etc. 
    3. The Best Alternative: Compared to disposable straws made of wheat, paper, plastic, this PLA straws are sturdy, bendble and more convenient.These straws will neither become soggy nor disintegrate into your drink.
    4. Individually Wrapped: This PLA disposable drinking straws set includes 100 pieces, 6 mm in diameter, 21cm long, Stretched lengths up to:1.5cm. Each straw is individually packaged, which is more healthy and hygienic, and this straw is bendble, and work perfectly for all cups. 
    5. Note: It is not recommended for hot drinks. The material of PLA straw is made of plant materials. When straw is used in hot drinks, the straw will become soft, which is normal.

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