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Valentine's Day

Lekoch aim to provide people with e co-friendly, aesthetic and  healthy home products and tableware made from nature.

We are committed to improving the way we engage with people and our planet, and believe that we can make a big difference together with consumers.

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Nature Enthusiast


Made from Bamboo

Discover our top selling tableware and teaware items and be ready for the festive season.


Airlaid paper Napkins is made of natural long fiber softwoods, which is bulk and water absorbency. Natural pulp is completely natural fiber softwoods. Only raw paper pulp can be called natural pulp. 
It's very bulky, porous and soft. It has good water absorption properties and is much stronger compared with normal tissue.
napkins are wonderfully suitable for various folds and folding ideas. Our napkins are dyed by food-grade dye. The uniform dyeing provides strong and beautiful colours.

Eco-friendly Bamboo  Dinnerware

The design idea of the eco-friendly dinnerware is inspired by nature elements, extracts  ideas from the appearance of the earth. Except by using degradable bamboo fiber as its basic material, We also have PLA ( Polylactic Acid)as raw materials, From nature to nature. 

If you are to have a small picnic with family or close friends on weekends or holidays, lekoch bamboo fiber plates set or pla plates are just the best choice. In addition to light weight, the quantity in a set of packages is just suitable for a family. 


Superior Quality FLATWARE

Lekoch cutlery sets preserve light and comfortable touch with a natural sense of balance and elegance in the hand gesture. Produced in 18/10 Stainless Steel and with a trimming finish, by using physical vapour deposition technology to shape mirror finish with different chromatic options, its modern minimalist design and reserved appearance transport to the dining space the essential refinement. 

flatware cutlery set black
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Dainty Ceramic Plates

From the iconic to the modern classics, our dinner plates, drinking wares and serving bowls feature versatile, durable, lasting design. Mix colours or collect a single colour for striking combinations. Beloved pieces you’ll use in any setting from the everyday to the festive, table to table, generation to generation. 



We are committed to improving the way we engage with people and our planet, and believe that we can make a big difference together with our consumers.


LEKOCH is an eco-lifestyle dinnerware & tableware brand that launched in 2003, which offers carefully curated products that stand the test of time without sacrificing aesthetic. To reduce our use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic product made from nature. While bamboo has always been at the center of our work, we’ve continue to develop and launch biodegradable and compostable products made from renewable sustainable materials such as plant fiber, corn, paper, & bioplastic, etc. Learn more


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