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Do you know the purpose of napkins?

Napkins are mainly used to wipe the corners of the mouth. Therefore, napkins should have sufficient water absorption. At the same time, when the napkin is soft enough, it is a pleasant experience to wipe the corners of the mouth.

Large Paper Napkins

Napkins can be used to protect clothes. When we sit down, we can open the napkin and place it on our knees. The napkin should be large and thick enough for this purpose.

Folding Paper Napkins

Napkins are the decorations of beautifully decorated table. Beautiful folds and color schemes suitable for the occasion or theme take the table setting to a new level and make it an unforgettable experience.

Best Paper Napkins for Table Setting

Napkins or Serviettes are decorations on the table setting, mainly used to wipe the mouth, wipe hands or protect clothes to avoid soiling clothes. Airlaid paper napkins are very high-end napkins among paper napkins. Airlaid paper napkins are not only affordable, the paper is very soft and thick, and can be used to fold various shapes, making it the best choice for napkins such as banquets.


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