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Drop Ship Tableware with Lekoch

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that does not require a business to keep products in stock. Instead, the store sells the product, and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer.

Dropshipping benefits

1. No inventory required, no inventory risk

2. Simple operation and zero cost to build a cross-border supply chain system

3. Less investment and quick results. Only need to invest a small amount of money to build Drop shipping platform operating tools, without any other costs.

4. Wide range of products. You don’t need to study the product in detail, you just need to guarantee a high-quality supplier, and the supplier can sell what they have.

Dropshipping for whom.

It is perfect for.

- Newbies who want to start their own business

- People who want to keep learning

- Professionals who are interested in having their own retail business

- People who are proficient in marketing and can get a lot of web traffic

dropshipping is an ideal business model for new entrepreneurs and people with small budgets and little capital. And we are the excellent choice for your tableware dropshipping supplier.

LEKOCH - A tableware brand dropshipper

Founded in 2015, LEKOCH mainly sells a variety of products on the dining table, including stainless steel tableware, environmentally friendly bamboo fiber tableware, napkins, table MATS, etc. Until today, no matter when and where, she brings joy and love to people.

So far, we have grown from a team of 3 people to a team of 50 people, we have professional sales staff, marketing staff, designers, artists and so on.Lekoch's designers usually combine current and future popular colors and styles to create several eco-friendly bamboo fiber tableware designs each year.

Lekoch’s business scope -- our business covers a multi-faceted development model of wholesale, bulk, retail and dropshipping supplier. Online business platforms are comprehensively covered: official website, shopify, Amazon, Aliexpress, and other famous online platforms.

LEKOCH's intention -- we want cutlery not to be cold cutlery, but a piece of art with design, life and love.We use environmentally friendly plants as raw materials, and LEKOCH gives every piece of cutlery life.LEKOCH is more than just a desk artist.She is a communicator of love.

LEKOCH's quality Control: We believe in a good product, so we make sure we pay attention to every detail of it.We have a professional team to select and test the materials of products to ensure the health and environmental protection of products.We also have our own senior designers who do each unique design, especially the customer's request, to make it look aesthetic and better experience on the dining table.Finally, we strive to make you not only our customers today, but also our friends to share the happiness we have when making products.

LEKCOCH droshipping Products

The LEKOCH brand is committed to producing high-end ceramic tableware, environmentally friendly bamboo fiber tableware, airlaid paper napkins and placemats, high-quality stainless steel flatware and other kitchen tableware. We are a quality distributor in the tableware dropshipping and kitchenware dropshipping.

Dropshipping kitchen products are our company to provide a substitute of the main category, mainly to the table supplies.Kitchen dropshipping stores mainly include stainless steel tableware with different styles, bamboo fiber tableware with environmental protection materials, multi-style cups, marble ceramic tableware, etc. In addition, we can also assist customers to distribute products other than kitchen supplies according to their needs.Our dropshipping kitchen products can be shipped to all parts of the world except some remote areas.

The Advantages of the Lekoch Product

1.Minimum order quantity with low threshold

the minimum order quantity of all our products (except customized products) is 1 piece, which can relieve the pressure brought by the minimum order quantity.

2.Best price

We have many factories, mainly concentrated in Hangzhou and Guangzhou, so we have an advantage over other suppliers in price.

3.Guaranteed quality

Our products have LFGB, EU and FDA certificates. All our products are produced through strict production procedures, and each type of product will go through N procedures of quality inspection before delivery. Therefore, we can guarantee that the products are perfect before delivery.

4.Can provide customized services

Dropshipping suppliers can provide customized services of product logo and packaging (with moQ).

5.On-demand service

We can provide you with quotations of other products according to customers' requirements, reducing the tedious matters of cooperating with multiple suppliers (we can purchase prices other than our products).

Lekoch Drop ship Warehouse and Delivery

Our business scope covers wholesale, retail, Amazon, Aliexpress and other platforms of online stores. Some products can be shipped directly from the local warehouses, which greatly reduces the shipping time and saves freight. In order to meet the needs of different customers such as consumers and retailers, we now provide multi-national overseas warehouse and domestic warehouse logistics services. Overseas warehouses include the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Russia. Overseas warehouses can provide fast delivery services for Dropshipping in different countries and markets, and deliver goods within 2-5 days. If not, it will be shipped in China. The delivery and logistics speed can be selected according to customer needs, 5-7 days, 10-15 days, 15-30 days and other channels.

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How to do dropshipping with LEKOCH

Lekoch Dropshipping process

Step 1: Pick and load our products to your own store, your customers place order on your store;

Step 2: Forward the orders with us, pay us the wholesale price,

Step 3: We ship the products directly to your customer.

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How to get our products to your store?

From our official website:

You may contact us directly through this website for getting products pictures for your own shopify store.

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From our Aliexpress store:

You also use third platform such as Oberlo to import our products directlyour aliexpress online store, and you can simply search “Lekoch” to import products on our store. 【Contact 设置超链接】

Our Drop shipping services

Special offer: We’ll give you some special discount for dropshipping.

After-sales service: timely tracking of logistics details, processing of broken orders for replacement, or refunds for quality issues.

Brand support: lekoch professional marketing team, providing social media promotion to improve the brand-driven benefits of the product.

If you had any other question, please contact us at

Questions you may encounter about a consignment:

1. If the customer has quality problems when receiving the product, what service can you provide?

As for after-sales service of the products, we will provide free replacement or 100% refund service if any quality problem of the products (not including problems caused by improper use) occurs within 7 days after receipt of the products.

2. If I am a seller who has just started a business and want to cooperate with you, what should I do?

You can directly contact our after-sales service, and our after-sales email is Our after-sales service will tell you the specific way of cooperation, including how to resell our products after you buy them.

3. Does a consignment service provide the delivery of a small number of customized products?

We are very sorry that our customized products have a certain moQ, and a small number of products do not support customized services. I hope you can understand.

4. As for the delivery freight, can we use our DHL account to deliver the goods?

We can fully use your DHL account or other freight collect method of shipment.In addition, our freight is calculated based on the current cost of express delivery.

5. How long will it take us to receive the goods after we place the order?

We will arrange the warehouse shipment after receiving your money, and the shipment time is generally 3-5 working days.

6. If it is for regular customers, is there any extra discount?

Regular customer special discount (fixed monthly order or amount), then the next month's order can be a few percent discount.

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