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Eco-friendly Washable Kraft Paper Bags

Eco-friendly: Washable kraft paper is called a kraft paper that can be washed with water, which is a new type of environmentally friendly material. The raw material of washed kraft paper is natural fiber pulp, which does not contain any harmful substances, and can be recycled, degraded, and recycled.

Reusable: Washable kraft paper not only has the tenacity, stiffness, wear resistance and other characteristics of kraft paper, but also water resistance, which solves the trouble of kraft paper bags that are not resistant to dirt.

Leather-like look and feel: The vegan leather design has been loved by people, especially fashionable young people.

Kraft paper
Kraft paper

The Perfect Organize Bags

The meaning of kraft paper bags is to organize their surroundings slightly more comfortable. Improve the value of space, make storage is not limited.

LEKOCH kraft paper bag is low-key, never let us feel that it is the main character. It can be a flower pot, can also be a storage bag, storage food, etc.

The kraft paper bags we have chosen, is a new type of appearance like paper, but can be washed, low-carbon environmentally friendly materials. It's from natural pulp, through special processing, with the strength of cloth, but also environmental friendly like paper.

Why choose Kraft paper bags?

Ease to clean, waterproof and washable : Lekoch Washable Kraft paper storage bags are with the strength of cloth, but also environmental friendly like paper.

Flexible size: The unfolded size of the washed kraft paper bag is 7*7*11 inches. You can fold the height of the bags, and then you will get the perfect height you need.

Multifunctional Storage Basket: The washed kraft paper bags can be used to storage plants, fruits, vegetables, toys, etc. It is not only suitable for kitchen living room, but also for travel, business trip, picnic, RV, etc.

DIY:Drawing on the kraft paper bags what you see, hear, and thinking.

Defferent color for your interior design

In the refrigerator, foldable kraft paper bags can be used to hold food, including fruits, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

On the desk, the kraft paper bag can be used to store stationery on the desk, including pencils, brushes, paper, etc.

In the bathroom, kraft paper bags can store shampoo, shower gel, etc.

In the living room, kraft paper bags can store toys, clothes, etc. all over the floor.


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