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How to Choose Bamboo Fiber Tableware

Faced with the increasingly severe climate problem-the "greenhouse effect", the impact of the environment on people is becoming more and more important. The main reason for the greenhouse effect is that people use too much chemical dyes, which leads to too high carbon dioxide content in the air.

In order to alleviate the pressure brought by the environment, more and more people are beginning to use environmentally friendly and degradable raw materials. Bamboo has become the best material because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and does not require fertilization. Bamboo fiber is a new energy-saving raw material that reduces carbon production, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and takes good care of the human living environment. People press bamboo into powder and mix it with corn starch and melamine to make bamboo fiber tableware of various shapes and styles.

What bamboo fiber tableware made from
What bamboo fiber tableware made from

What is bamboo fiber tableware?

The bamboo fiber tableware on the market is composed of three main raw materials: bamboo fiber, melamine, cornstarch, and other natural fibers. After being processed by modern special high-tech technology, cellulose is extracted from the bamboo, mixed with plant fiber, corn starch, and food-grade resin. Since bamboo is a natural renewable resource, it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The growth environment of bamboo does not require all kinds of chemical fertilizers and does not consume too much water. It can also produce negative ions and has Anti-insect and antibacterial properties, thereby avoiding various types of pollution.

Bamboo fiber tableware

Are bamboo fiber tableware good?

Antibacterial: The bamboo fiber tableware has natural antibacterial properties, which can resist the absorption of odors and limit the growth of bacteria. Can be used to make exquisite salad bowl sets because they will not retain the taste of oily salad dressing.

•Reusable, with better durability: Compared with disposable paper tableware, palm leaf tableware, etc., bamboo fiber plates, as a biodegradable and environmentally friendly tableware, can be reused.

•Environmentally friendly tableware: Bamboo fiber dinner set mainly uses natural raw materials, which greatly reduces the use of plastic. Compared with pure melamine tableware, it uses less melamine materials. Compared with disposable plastic and paper tableware, it can be reused, so it has stronger environmental protection performance.

•Light weight and very practical: Compared with ceramic and glass tableware, bamboo fiber plate is very portable due to its light raw material

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