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Our Colorful Bamboo Fibre Plates

Want to know a SECRET?

Here it is! Our sustainable, recyclable and renewable product, Bamboo Fiber Plates, which comes in 4 colors.

Not only the bamboo plate is eco-friendly, it is also colorful and because it is made of bamboo fibre so it is INSTANTLY cleaned with just a wipe of tissue. Unless you eat such greasy food, then cleaning using water and soap is needed. Furthermore, our Bamboo Fibre Tableware is also dishwasher safe. Making it EASY for YOU to clean up.

It is also RISK-FREE to a certain extent because it is made of a natural bamboo fiber combined with corn starch. They also come with a range of color, from yellow, blue, pink, and green. It also comes in handy, making it suitable for any occasion, such as, for BBQ, family meal, or even babies. They are EASY to mix and match with other tableware. You can also mix and match it with our pink / blue marble couple cup.

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