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Why use Air-Laid Napkins?

Welcome back to our new blog post! Here we are introducing some benefits of using LEKOCH Air-laid Napkin.

To begin with, what is an air-laid napkin?

According to one of the sources on the internet, air-laid is a material that is considered bulky, absorbent, and tender tissue paper. It has a strong ability of water absorption as compared to normal tissue paper.

Usually, an air-laid dinner napkin has some characteristics, such as:

- Tender in touch, which means that it will not scratch easily

- It will not lint, will not attract dust, and will not be static

- It is also strong even after it absorbs water

- It is hygienic and clean

- The surface is more like textile

- It can be embossed and decorated, which makes it looks appealing and attractive

- Disposable, recyclable and renewable resources

There are also several colors and models of air-laid napkins that we have, such as, Green, Blue, and Red Air-laid Dinner Napkin and also, White, Black, and Pink Gold Dots Decorative Napkin.

With its many colors and models, and knowing that it can be embossed and decorated, LEKOCH Air-Laid Napkins is suitable for many occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, family gathering dinner, or simply meals time with friends. Air-Laid Napkins simply can never go wrong with any events! Especially if you are hosting an event that invites a lot of people, Air-Laid Napkins is the way to go!

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