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5 Ways to Decorate a Table with Disposable Table Runners

On special days, leisurely weekends or the annual holiday season, it is inevitable to spend a little time decorating your table. For example, important weddings, Valentine's Day dinners, weekend family dinners, or Christmas Thanksgiving, table decorations will make you ecstatic. Tablecloths and table runners are essential for table decoration on important days. Although the tablecloths and table runners are only supporting roles, they should not be overwhelming in decoration, but the right tablecloth and table runners can make the appearance of the table very different, and can set off your furniture and design, and can show your creativity and art breath.

what is Disposable Table Runners used for?

Disposable Table runner is a good decoration, often used in many types of tables, especially tables all over the world. Table runner is a very narrow cloth, usually placed in the center of the table, usually as an ornament that complements the decoration. Disposable table runners can add color, texture and interest to your dining table, and are the basis of table decoration. The disposable table runner can also protect your table from spills and damage that may be caused by hot pots and dripping candle wax.

How to choose a Disposable Table Runners?

The key to choosing a Disposable Table Runners is to be clear. The disposable paper table runner is to match the tablecloth or match your dining table. It is very important to choose the right color and size. The paper table runner should not be too conspicuous, and the color should be gentle and harmonious with the table. In the choice of table runners' colors, pure colors have always been the same popular colors. Of course, it is also possible to choose some personalized paper table runnera, which can be matched with other decorations, so that the personalized table runners can reduce the abruptness and make your table according to the characteristics. Remember: creating interesting and fresh table decorations is not to follow a set of strict rules, but to express your own creativity and design in a way that is in harmony with your furniture and design sense.

How to decorate a table with paper table runners?

Using disposable paper table runner on a Long Table 

Traditionally, the disposable paper table runner are placed longitudinally in the center of the table, long enough for some material to hang on the edge-about as deep as the tablecloth. Try a few looks and see what you like. First, you need to know the length of the table so that you can find a table rail that is long enough to leave 6-12 inches of material on the edge.

Once you know your ideal length, choose a disposable table runner with some colors and patterns that suit you. You can use a paper table runner that is centered vertically across the table and covers approximately one third of the table top. The table side serves as the visual centerline of the table, and the center piece is aligned or placed with the dishes. You can use coordinated placemats, napkins and candle lights to create the overall tabletop appearance.

Using double Paper Table Runners on a Long Table 

Usually, we only visit one table runner vertically in the middle of the rectangular dining table, but if the table is wide enough, we can try to place two table runners vertically. Adjust the gap between the two table runners appropriately according to the width of the table runners, leaving a certain width in the middle to place flowers, candle lights and decorations. Two table runners are close to the side of the table so that the table runners can be used as placemats and can replace tablecloths.

Using a disposable Table Runner on a Round Table 

A table runner for use on a round table is the same as for a square or rectangle table. You can follow the same guidelines for use on a round table as rectangular, placing it down the center with a drop over the edges. However, another use is to have two table runners that cross in the center of the table. These can be used to define place settings on a table for four instead of placemats.

Disposable Table Runners as Placemats and Table Cloth

Disposable table runners are the most useful on dining tables. They can be used as a substitute to tablecloths and placemats. A table runner can be used with or without a tablecloth. Generally, when using a table runner with a tablecloth, you’d want to have one with a pattern and the other in a matching or complementing solid color. You can get really creative and mix patterns, but do so carefully to keep your table décor from looking too busy and distract from the centerpiece and the individual place settings.

Try Something Creative Table Runners Decor

Explore your personal style and try something a little out there. If the length of your dining table is flush against the wall, try designing your table decorations asymmetrically, with the runner laying flush with the wall. 

You can also place matching table runners in an “X” or “+” shape across the table, which works well on circular tables. The “X” or “+” not only stands out, but creates a visual center of the space at the place where the runners cross.

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