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Eco Friendly Paper Table Runners

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

What is the purpose of a table runner?

Table runners are perfect for adding a decorative accent to table decor. For an elegant setting, place a floral centerpiece in the middle and place decorative candles on either side of the center while still on the table runner. They are also a great addition to a console table or dresser.

Meanwhile table runners provide an additional layer of protection from heat, moisture. Table runner can also be placed on a coordinating tablecloth. This can add an extra layer, which can be a terrific option when one wants to add a specific theme to a decorated table. They served as a backdrop for a piece of art, unified decorative elements and helped to make a design statement.

green table runner
green table runner

LEKOCH Eco friendly Paper Table Runners:

LEKOCH is focusing on environmental protection, LEKOCH has always sought to design dining tableware products that coexist with with the environment.

Many types of paper table runners are available, from casual to formal, and everything in between. Paper table runners can add extra design without being overwhelming. When table décor is important, sometimes table runners can add just the right amount of pattern, design or accent without taking over the entire table design and making it too busy when combined with china and other décor.

That's why this year we have launched four different styles of eco paper table banners products one after another. To meet the needs of customers for environmentally friendly and table decor designs.

The material of table runners:

Table runners are made from all sorts of materials including cloth (silk, linen, cotton, and polyester), vinyl, plastic, and paper; and in a variety of ways including handmade, machine-made, embroidered, quilted, and beaded in a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and sizes.

Why the paper table runners is Eco- friendly ?

Innovation of raw materials for table runners -- Airlaid Papper

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the advancement of technology, a new type of table runner material has been born - Air-laid paper.

Airlaid technology generally differs from other dry-laid webs in its use of very short fibers, (mainly wood pulp). As a result, most products obtained through this method offer high absorbency and biodegradable.

It can be decomposed within 5 years when placed indoors. When burned, it is non-toxic, odorless, and does not have any remaining substances, so it does not pollute the environment.

What is airlaid paper?

Air-laid paper is a textile-like material categorized as a nonwoven fabric made from fluff pulp ( mainly wood pulp ). As a result, most products obtained through this method offer high absorbency. Compared with normal wet-laid paper and tissue, air-laid paper is bulky, porous and soft. It has good water absorption properties and biodegradable.

Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function; Highly effective water absorption; Softness does not damage surfaces; Provide adequate dry and wet strength; Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function; Highly absorbent, soft and will not damage the surface of the object;

Therefore, the LEKOCH paper table runners, which are made of air-laid paper material also have unique physical properties, such as high elasticity, softness, hand feeling, and biodegradable.

LEKOCH High Quality Eco-friendly Paper Table Runners:

A reasonably alternative to fabric table runners:

Anyone who wants a flexible and uncomplicated tabletop area but values a decorative table will find the ideal product for their needs in a eco friendly air-laid paper table runner roll. LEKOCH produces rolls of tablecloths made from the fabric-like Airlaid - which is soft and comfortable to the touch and has a fabric-like structure - a material that is very popular in the food service sector.

Adjustable length to accommodate tables of different lengths:

Dtail of the table runners: Width: 0.4 m ,Length: 24 m, each sheet length 1.2M, can adjust the length of different tables, also be used as placemats.

Table runners rolls can be shortened to the desired length, protecting the table from excessive demands in any situation. Paper table runners rolls can turn any room into a decorative haven, as the uniform table base makes the actual table decoration stand out.

Add variety to the tablestable: 

LEKOCH offers a design collection with a wide selection of solid colors and seasonal designs to add variety to the tables. Whether it's a wedding, a banquet, a seminar or a theme party - there's a tabletop design in the Manke collection for almost every occasion. Know more about our blue table runners, green table runners, brown table runners and gold table runners. Our linen feel paper table runner gives restaurants, wedding, party, hotel and household an reasonable way to provide a more sophisticated dining experience for your guests.

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