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Christmas Napkin Fold

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Perhaps this year than in previous years, we will be more grateful to our friends and family members who can gather around the table this Christmas to celebrate. After almost two years of the new crown epidemic, we have been working hard to maintain a normal life and constantly solving different difficulties. Only then did we slowly return to normal and cherish the present day more. So this Christmas, no matter what you choose to decorate, it is worth thinking about. We still like to mix new traditions with old ones, such as business cards, nostalgic decorations and refreshing red and white tablecloths. The classic red and green collocation is still an indispensable and versatile element on Christmas Day. We will show some ideas of Christmas napkins fold, using high-end airliad paper red napkins and green napkins to fold out an origami tutorial suitable for Christmas table decoration. These Christmas napkins fold ideas are very simple, but they will charimg your Christmas table setting.

This year, please try to use these Christmas napkins fold ideas to add a little festive atmosphere to your Christmas table. Whether you are an ordinary housewife or a professional table collocation master, these tutorials can make the most beautiful folding extremely simple and perfect to match Christmas dinner decorations.

How to Fold Napkins for Christmas?

The Tree Christmas Napkins Fold Idea

Green Christmas Napkin

Prepare a square green airlaid napkin

Step 1. Fold the napkin in quarters

Step 2. Select one corner and fold the tissue 4 times in sequence

Step 3. Flip the Napkin Over

Step 4, fold the two sides toward the middle

Step 5. Flip the Napkin Over again

Step 6. Fold the small triangle to the previous time, and the Christmas tree shape is completed

The Red Christmas Napkins Fold Idea

Step 1, Fold half of the napkin into a triangle

Step 2. Fold the two corners to the middle, paying attention to align the corners

Step 3. Rotate the napkin and fold up two small triangles

Step 4. Fold the big triangle at the bottom three times at a time

Step 5. Pick up the napkin, fold it into a circle along the back, and hold the two corners of the back firmly

Step 6. Open the two corners to both sides, and the beautiful folded Christmas napkin style is complete

The crown-shaped Christmas Napkins Fold Idea

Step 1. Fold the napkin in half

Step 2. Fold the opposite corners toward the middle to form a diamond shape

Step 3. Turn the napkin to the other side, and then fold the middle of the rhombus in half to open the two triangles to form two triangles

Step 4. Rotate the two triangles 90 degrees vertically, fold the bottom corners upwards, and insert them into the upper triangle

Step 5. Flip the napkin to the other side, fold the bottom corner upwards, and stuff it into the upper triangle to form the shape of a crown

Step 6. Open the bottom of the crown and make it into a circle. The crown-shaped napkin is folded.

Hope these Christmas napkin folding ideas can help you and give your Christmas table decorations a better look.

If you want to know more about Christmas napkins, please click here.

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