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9 Ways Folding Napkins for Wedding

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

There is no denying the fact that wedding is the most momentous occasion in anyone’s life. When it comes to wedding décor, every detail counts. The tablescape is an incredibly important aspect of wedding décor that can often go overlooked. Not only does it tie together the ceremony and reception, and communicate your whole vision for the big day, it's also the first thing that your guests are greeted with at the reception and what they'll be looking at for the entire night. High-quality airlaid paper napkins from lekoch will serve a double purpose – they will help you successfully carry on with your color palette and will accommodate your guests at the same time.

How to Fold Napkins for a Wedding

If you need something especially elegant for your wedding dinner table, look no further than our airlaid disposable wedding napkins. Make no mistake, our colorfull and foldable paper napkins will be a perfect investment. Needless to say, no big event is complete without an eye-catching wedding napkin folding, there we will show you 9 easy wedding napkins ideas.

Tie Shape Folding Napkins for Wedding

Step 1: Fold the paper napkin into a quarter

Step 2: Turn the 3 paper corners in turn and fold them back in order

Step 3: Flip the paper to the back and fold both sides in the middle

Step 4: Turn to the front and flatten the paper, which can be placed directly on the plate or put cutlery in the napkin and place on the plate

Standing Folding Napkins for Wedding

Step 1: Fold the paper napkin into a quarter

Step 2: Open the middle into half, fold the square on one side into a triangle from the inside, and then fold the triangle in half

Step 3: Fold the square on the other side in the same way, merge and stand up

Heart Shape Folding Napkins for Wedding

Step 1: Fold the corners of the dinner napkins diagonally to form a triangle

Step 2: Fold the top corner back again to form a trapezoid

Step 3: Fold up the two corners of the trapezoid shape to form a 6-sided shape

Step 4: Fold the two sides to the middle again to form a basic heart shape

Step 5: You can fold the upper two corners of the heart shape a bit to make the heart shape more rounded and beautiful

How to fold napkins for a wedding
How to fold napkins for a wedding

How to fold napkins for a wedding
How to fold napkins for a wedding

Tree Shape Folding Napkins for Wedding

Step 1: Prepare a 40*40cm airlaid napkin, fold the napkin in half and then fold it in half again to form a 20*20cm square

Step 2: Place one of the 4 corners of the square vertically in the top

Step 3: Turn down the first napkin paper corner, about 1cm higher than the triangle down to form the second triangle

Step 4: Turn down the second, third and fourth napkin paper corners in turn, all 1cm higher than the previous one, forming the second, third and fourth triangles

Step 5: Fold the napkin in half, then fold it in half, gently press the crease and lay it flat

Step 6: There are three folds on the left, middle and right, respectively, the left and right part from the back in accordance with the fold line, to get a tree prototype

Step 7: At last, stuff the extra corners into the triangle to get a Christmas tree

Fan Shap Folding Napkins for Wedding

Preparation materials: a square piece of paper, a wedding napkin ring

Step 1: Prepare a flat square linen feel paper and fold the paper in half.

Step 2: Choose a width of about 1 cm from the crease and fold it upwards, and then fold it down with the same width as yours.

Step 3: Repeat the steps of the second step several times until the folding is completed.

Step 4: Fold a long strip of paper in half, put the napkin ring from bottom to top, and finally form the shape of a fan.

Bow-knot wedding napkins folding

Material: a square airlaid paper napkin, a napkin ring

Step 1: Fold the flat napkin in half.

Step 2: Fold the folded paper napkins in half again, fold out the crease and lay it flat.

Step 3: Fold the paper napkin on the left and right sides in half so that the edge part and the crease part overlap.

Step 4: Fold the obtained paper napkin in half, gently press out the crease and unfold it.

Step 5: Fold the paper towel about 1 cm in width from the top and bottom sides of the paper towel to the middle, gently press out the creases and lay it flat.

Step 6: Turn the obtained paper towel over, grab the three creases upwards, and put one side into the napkin ring.

Step 7: Arrange the paper on both sides of the napkin ring to form a bow.

Hat Shape wedding napkins folding

Step 1: Spread the tissue out into a square and fold it in two diagonally and diagonally to get an isosceles triangle

Step 2: Fold the two 45-degree angles of the isosceles triangle upwards until the corners are aligned to obtain a square

Step 3: Fold down half of the two corners you just folded up

Step 4: Fold the triangle part left above gradually 2-3 times, then turn over the folded paper towel, and you will see an isosceles triangle on the back

Step 5: Wrap the two corners of the triangle on the back and put one corner into the gap of the other corner

Step 6: Fold down the two small triangles that can be folded down on the front side to get a folded napkin

Ingot wedding napkins folding Idea

Step 1: First, unfold the napkin and spread it flat on the table top. Then, fold one side in half toward the middle.

Step 2: Next, fold the corner on the inner side to the middle. In the same way, fold the other corner in half.

Step 3: Turn the napkin over and fold it in half from bottom to top.

Step 4: Fold the left side in half and press it into the other side. Flip it over and insert the corners in the same way.

Step 5: Finally, open it and stand up successfully.

Let LEKOCH help you set your wedding tables in fashion with our premium paper dinner napkins. We provide various disposable dinner napkins and placemats that immediately improve your table setting. Available in different colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to discover the right napkin to go along with your other event’s decoration.

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