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Why do We Prefer Simple Napkin Fold to Complex Napkin Folds

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Napkin Folding is important in Food Service

One of the most important and beautiful moments during Holidays Season is when everyone gathers around a table to eat delicious food together and spend some quality time with their family. To make it a special moment, one has to create the right festive and cosy atmosphere, where every detail matters. Therefore, even napkins on your table can help to make your lunch or dinner more creative and impress your guests.

If you want to surprise the guests even more for the table, you can match the table with elegant or creative napkin folding ideas. And If you want to fold some unique napkin shapes at the dinner to set off the atmosphere, it is highly recommended to buy air-laid paper napkins. Because this kind of napkin is cloth-like, very soft and thick enough, it can be used to fold various napkin shapes.

Simple Napkin Folding is Easy

  1. Napkins of different materials have different effects when folded, and the simple folding method can be universally used for napkins of many different materials.

  2. Simple napkin folding, you don't need to be an origami master to give unusual shapes to the paper table setting items. You can use the simplest scheme.

  3. Simple folding of napkins saves guests from having to open them for a long time before using them for their intended purpose

  4. Large-scale dinner parties need to arrange for someone to fold the napkins. Simple napkin folding can save a lot of time.

9 Easy Ways to Fold Npkins

If you need something especially elegant for your dinner table, look no further than our airlaid disposable napkins. Make no mistake, our colorfull and foldable paper napkins will be a perfect investment. Needless to say, no big event is complete without an eye-catching wedding napkin folding, there we will show you 9 easy napkins ideas.


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